Since 1986, Domex has been a leading and professional company in providing electronics
manufacturing services to customers pursuing the best quality and the fastest delivery time.

About DOMEX Expertise Service
Milestone Global Environmental Policy Conflict Minerals Policy  



Core Business

  • EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services)




  • Technical support available

  • Experienced operator to ensure quick sample run to mass production

  • One stop shopping : All at same facility & location






  • Commitment

  • Partnership

  • Responsiveness




Quality System

ISO 13485:2016


ISO 13485:2003


ISO 9001:2015



ISO 14001:2015

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Medical Device

  • Recovery

  • Therapy

  • Rehabilitation

Wireless Communication Device

  • 4G

  • 3G

  • WiFi

  • Bluetooth

  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

  • LoRA

Industrial Device

  • AIDC (Auto Identification Data Collector)

  • Portable scanner

  • Fitness console

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From PCBA to finish product

From sample run to mass production

Suggestion to manufacturability

Suggestion to component selection

Suggestion to optimizationn

Design support

Component sourcing

Fixture (Jig) design

Firmware development


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  • Set-up new SMT line to replace two old one.

  • ISO 13485:2003 certified.

  • Produced 21.5 inches fitness console.

  • Produced AIDC (Auto Identification Data Collector).

  • Produced 3G/WiFi tablet.

  • Produced luxury smart phone.

  • Produced smallest smart phone.

  • Introduced smart phone series and upgrade ISO system for ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004.

  • Set-up SMT line 4 to enhance the production capacity and accuracy.

  • Introduced 3.5G modem and module.

  • Introduced D35/M35 to enhance hand held computer function.

  • Enhanced EMS business operation and implemented RoHS system for customers.

  • ISO 14001 certified.

  • Introduced MP3000 hand held computer.

  • Introduced photo storage device & DVD recorder.

  • ISO 9001: 2000 certified.

  • New building constructed with 170,000 sq. Ft.

  • Introduced new products IEEE1394, Ultra Wide SCSI, CD-Duplicator.

  • Changed CIS to “DOMEX Technology Corporation” (Taiwan company).

  • Introduced 16-bit SCSI for scanner.

  • Merged Qume and introduced laser printer and terminal.

  • Founded DTC Technology Corporation (US company).

  • Started 20MB hybrid disk drive and HDD (ST506 interface) controller.

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Global Environmental Policy


Earth is the only place for human survival, and environmental protection is the only choice for a man, we uphold the Earth as a corporate responsibility and sustainable business philosophy, to promote a comprehensive green basic policy, and promoting staff, suppliers and other business partners agreed to implement this concept of environmental protection.

Domex Technology Corporation daily operation control objectives, not only in line with the relevant environmental, safety and health laws and regulations, more pollution prevention, resource efficiency, improving safety and health of employees and protect company assets, to create a healthy and comfortable working and living environment.


We promise

  • Provide environmental education, compliance with environmental, health and safety laws and regulations and is committed to meet the advanced international relevant environmental, health and safety standards.

  • Continue to improve the waste of resources, reduce waste generation, committed to pollution prevention is an important responsibility of all sectors of competence.

  • To make the best use of limited resources, developing the concept of green products, more efficient use of resources, eliminate waste of resources.

  • Establishment of labor safety and health and environmental management system, the review process research and development of new equipment and materials used to make environmental protection, safety and health hazards to a minimum.

  • Cumulative related environmental, health and safety practices experience, actively working with suppliers and other business partners for environmental protection, to understand and communicate on health and safety issues, in order to encourage them to promote environmental protection, safety and health performance.

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Conflict Minerals Policy

Global Citizen; NO Conflict Minerals

Reported by EICC that the origin of these minerals has become the Democratic Republic of Congo's main revenue sources of armed rebel groups, to deal in arms, continued its bloody conflict between government forces, devastated the local civilian population, thus triggering international disputes. As a global citizen, we hereby declare and promise not to use metals from the origins of conflict minerals. In addition, we request our supply chain all suppliers to:

  • Conduct business operations in a way of social and environmental responsibility.

  • Not use the conflict minerals originated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC)and its adjoining countries; however, the conflict-free minerals from the DRC and neighboring countries are not banned.

  • Trace the origins of the metals used, e.g. Au, Ta, Sn, and W, and fill in the investigation from/sign declaration, and commit to exercising due diligence in accordance with the OECD Guidance to ensure that suppliers' minerals will not directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups.

  • Commits to only sourcing from independently validated smelters/refineries.

  • Make the same requirements to your upstream suppliers.

*Conflict metal: The minerals composed of columbite-tantalite, cassiterite, wolframite and gold from the fighting region of Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). These minerals are refined into tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten(W) and gold (Au), respectively, and are used in electronics and other products. All of our key supplier are requested to map their supply chains for the metals in their components back down to smelter and then to source.

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